Do you know that if one person contacts five people and asks them to contact five more people, that in 8 iterations of this, 390,625 people will have been contacted? It is the old military recall system.

Just think of the potential of this fact. Now, everyone will not forward the information to five more people, but some people will send it out 20,30 or 100 emails.

Let carry this a little further. Do you remember the email to representatives on the State surpluses previously presented in the Reports section?

1. Let's assume that you filed in the blanks in that email regading your State.

2. Let's assume you made a list of your State representatives with their email address from this LINK. You make the list so a person only has to make a copy of the list and insert it in the Bcc section of an email.

3. You send the email to all the representatives.

4. Let's assume you forward the representative email (with attachment) to five people. You ask them to:
     a. Review the information
     b. Email the information to all representatives in the attached email list
     c. Forward the email to five other people with the list attached and ask them to do thesame.

Remember to ask everyone to close with:


[Their name]
[State] CAFR Network

But let's carry the Networks activities even further. You can forward the email to all the newspapers, radio talk shows, TV stations, and to advocacy organizations in your area that are always confronting governments on issues.

Now that you have a Network you can send out periodic information regarding tax matters that come to your attention that you feel would be of interest to the Network members.

You have conveyed to the world that you are not some kind of nut. That you have your act together and that you have taken a logical and detailed approach to the problem.